PHP Full Stack Software Engineer
100% Remote by pimentaGROUP, Münster Germany
Job Criteria
100% Remote
Advanced (4 - 6 years)
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Yii
  • Zend
  • jQuery 
  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • Vue
  • Ember
  • Angular
We are looking for a PHP Full Stack Software Engineer to help build the fastest, smartest, money-making-est technology from different clients.

pimentaGROUP strives to build simple, effective, elegant solutions focused on scale, speed, and ease of development. We use tried-and-true technologies like, PHP, WordPress, and MySQL, and employ modern deployment strategies leveraging cloud infrastructure to ensure availability and responsiveness.

We value teamwork, collaboration, and transparency immensely. We develop our products alongside our Product, Advertising, and Content teammates using the Scrum methodology (JIRA) to keep things nimble and productive. This position will play a large role in that process, advocating for technical excellence, paying close attention to business interests, and, ultimately, ensuring we build the best product we can.


  1. Maintain quality, responsiveness, and performance of Client websites and web applications.
  2. Collaborate with the Product Development team, Design team, and the rest of the Technology team to design, build, and launch new features.
  3. Translate design mock-ups and wireframes into fully functional, highly performant websites with special attention being paid to usability and performance on mobile devices.
  4. Produce, review, and/or update documentation when necessary.
  5. Participate in all phases of the development life cycle.
  6. Maintain, contribute, and adhere to our programming best practices and guidelines.
  7. Produce clean, easily-understood, and maintainable code.
  8. Thoroughly test typical use cases and browser compatibility of new and existing features.


  1. +4 years of hands on experience as a Full Stack Engineer.
  2. Expert knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and the latest best practices.
  3. Working knowledge of client side preprocessors like Sass or LESS.
  4. Working knowledge of WordPress and how to customize its functionality. You should know how to build plugins, expose short codes, and modify themes.
  5. Practical knowledge and experience with server side technologies such as PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache and/or Nginx.
  6. Experience working with client-side frameworks and libraries like, jQuery, Bootstrap, React, Vue.js, Ember, or Angular, as well as the associated build/command line tools.
  7. Experience working with server-side frameworks such as, Laravel, Symfony, Yii or Zend as well as the associated build/command line tools is a plus.
  8. Working knowledge of Git and using a code management/branching model like, GitFlow.
  9. Experience working with RESTful services and consuming data via APIs.
  10. Demonstrable knowledge of Agile methodologies, Scrum rituals and planning methods.
  11. Working knowledge of delivery and deployment of web applications using Jenkins.
  12. Comfortable with working on Linux environments.
  13. Excellent communication skills – ability to think creatively and craft your message to your audience.
  14. Minimum BS in Computer Science or related field is a plus.


  1. You must be highly technical, independent, and pragmatic. We place a lot of trust in our engineers to make the right decisions day-to-day.
  2. If you're a team player and can check your ego at the door, you'll fit right in at pimentaGROUP.
  3. You must have strong problem-solving skills. Be adaptable, proactive, and willing to take ownership of products.
  4. ABL: Always Be Learning. You’ve got to be hungry for the tech. Keep up with the newest technologies, industry trends, and best practices.
  5. Fail fast. You must recognize very early when something isn't panning out the way you initially expected and communicate that to the rest of the team so it can be corrected.
  6. You pay close attention to details and know that the little things matter when it comes to writing clean/maintainable code.
  7. You have a product-first approach to building software and are invested in the real-world application of that software.


  1. Great environment with an international team of motivated colleagues.
  2. Access to newest and revolutionary technologies and development trends.
  3. Have a big impact on company direction, and products.
  4. Remote Work.